Yuvann intends to promote health and knowledge holistically for the people with a positive approach. Yuvann embraces the magnificence of Mother Nature to nourish, rejuvenate and heal. Yuvann caters to classical Ayurvedic way of harmony through mind, body and soul for the holistic well – being. Yuvann Wellness offers unique solutions to physical and mental ailments and to rejuvenate naturally. Yuvann also provides trainings, lectures, seminars and the like wherein experts will discuss various topics on the intended importance of each and every, treatment, process and procedure involved, creating awareness for healthy living. The main aim of Yuvann is to contribute wellness excellence. This is achieved through a balance approach of prevention and cure. Ayurvedic consultations through Yuvann will help achieve this. Yuvann also provide multiple body therapies. Yuvann can strengthen your body, soothe your soul and calm your mind, so that you can take your wellness journey further. Yuvann inspires people to get connected with ancient wisdom of wellness and holistic balance in life.


To Contribute Wellness Excellence and Inspire people for Holistic Well-being.


To Promote Holistic Health, through Health Awareness, Preventive Measures and Natural Rejuvenation.


Sajeev T A has a mission of introducing products for the holistic well-being of people. Having travelled extensively as an international trainer for Junior Chamber International, this intention of natural and organic products for holistic well-being was always his dream. His marketing and science background and expertise, added value to this venture. With a master’s in psychology, he was always in the forefront for social activities and social cause. Sajeev has served the Lions Club of Cochin Gateway and JCI Cochin Air City as the elected President. He is the Chief Executive Member of Merchants Association of Aluva. Sajeev also holds the Directorship of Aluva Merchants Welfare Society and was past president of PTA, Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya, Kakkanad. Whilst the Chief Coach of Nlight Training Counselling and Consultancy services, he is also the managing partner of Cochin Refractories and Minerals and Proprietor of Perfect Refractories and services, for Yuvann Wellness concepts and Yuvann Pain Free World. Sajeev is a true leader, with a philosophy of win-win for all.

Our Sister Concerns:

Yuvann Pain Free World
Nlight Training Counselling and Consultancy,
Cochin Refractories and Minerals,
Perfect Refractories and Services


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