Dates Honey



Dates honey has the richness of calcium, copper and iron. It helps in increasing the calorie that our body need.

Health benefits of dates:

  1. Dates For Constipation
  2. Improve Heart Health
  3. Help Regulate Cholesterol
  4. Improve Bone Health
  5. Regulates Blood Pressure
  6. Enhances Sexual Health
  7. Treat Diarrhea
  8. Promote Brain Health
  9. Prevent Colon Cancer
  10. Boost Energy
  11. Promote Weight Gain
  12. Help Prevent Night Blindness
  13. Prevent Intoxication
  14. Prevent Hemorrhoids
  15. Dates Benefits For Skin
  16. Prevent Hair Loss
  17. Prevent Inflammation
  18. Support Healthy Pregnancy

Additional information

Weight 480 g


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