Showing the way, a Fengshui Basic Hand Book



Every one get upset when seeing their continues efforts going vain. Thats the time we searching for the reasons. the Vastu or the earth luck we belongs have a big role in making our result 100 percentage. And the most easiest and the economical way of vastu corrections is Fengshui. These days most people stay in either rented apartments or flats where they find any kind of renovations or reconstructions for vastu correction is almost not possible. Fengshui have the most interesting and easiest tips and remedies for all the problems you face in daily life. This book helps you to find out the reasons for the issues we face and do the simple remedies through Fengshui


Name of the Book: Feng Shui

Author: Krishnakumar k.p

Subject: Feng Shui Basics Hand Book


Feng Shui is touted to be an extremely effective way of bringing a positive transformation in the lives of peoples by using concepts of yin and yang, energy flow and energy exchange.The book discusses various aspects of Feng Shui. It starts with and introduction of Feng Shui and goes on to explain the deeper aspects related to this Chinese tradition, thereby giving the reader a complete end to end awareness about it.

The book is extremely interesting and enlightening, especially the chapters that talk about positive and negative energy flows. “Poison arrows”. The good thing about the book is that it can be a very comprehensible guide for beginners who are just exploring that world of Feng Shui. The explanation is given in very simple terms and in a very easily comprehensible manner. This means that even a reader who is a total novice to Feng Shui can also relate to it at a very basic level.

In the seventh chapter, the author gives tips to bring in Feng Shui into every room of the house as well as workspace. These suggestions are very practical to implement in our everyday life. So if you are unhappy with the way your life is functioning , or you want to enhance the quality of your life, this Feng Shui guide can be an excellent place to start the transformation from

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